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Bringing Great Books to Life!
FlyingWord is your one stop shop across all eBook formats and channels.

Take advantage today of the fast growing digital book market. We can help you understand whether or not to produce an ePub book or a more enhanced eBook app which features multi-touch, interactive 3D graphics, fully synched audio, sound effects, ambient sound and even some game technologies. In other words, we are bringing great books to life.

An image of Dorothy, Toto, the Scarecrow, the Lion, and the Tin Man.

The eBook market is changing quickly.

Technology is evolving. What is state of the art today, won’t be tomorrow.  To succeed authors and publishers must have an adaptive eBook strategy or they are missing out on readers, recognition and revenue.

They must also have a partner who pioneers technology and processes and stays ahead of the game with the very best solutions at all times.

Maximize Distribution.

When you invest in an interactive eBook you want it to be available in as many marketing distribution channels as possible.   You want your app available on all Apple iOS devices and on NookColor, Android devices including Macs, PC’s and other formats like Smartboards.

That’s why we produce and release your eBook app on all platforms simultaneously when possible.  And that is how to maximize distribution and sales.

Wizard of Oz - Good witches and Dorothy

See our work come to life.

We have preview video available on may of the books we have published including Wizard of Oz, Treasure Island, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Twas the Night Before Christmas. We are publishing more every month.

Try one of our apps.

Wizard of Oz, The 3D Experience. The brand new interactive 3D eBook app by FlyingWord.

The Tin Man and the Wizard of Oz

See what our readers have to say:

"One of my 8 year-old patients LOVED the book. He really got into the pictures."– 

"I love interacting and moving around the beautiful 3D art in Wizard of Oz. It is so much more fun and engaging than reading a standard ibook."  – 

"The images are absolutely beautiful" – 


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